Coot Freight Ltd. is a privately owned international freight forwarding company offering transportation services to worldwide destinations by Land, Sea and Air.

We specialize in global multimodal shipments to and from Russia. The services we provide comprise less than container load (LCL) and full container load shipments, groupage, full and part load trailers, air freight and out of gauge movements.

The company's core strengths are the in-depth knowledge of the Russian market and the local know how.

Our clients range from small businesses to large blue-chip companies.

We offer a swift and efficient service with a personal touch.


Coot. Fulica atra, is all-black, medium-sized water bird, member of the rail family Rallidae.

Overview. The Coot has a distinctive white beak and 'shield' above the beak which earns it the title 'bald'. Coots are territorial, but  sociable birds, often seen feeding together in flocks on ponds.

What they eat. Coots are omnivorous, they dive below the surface, to depths of up to two metres, searching insect larvae and other food.

Where to see them. The Coot can be found in a number of locations including: Africa, Asia, China,  Indian subcontinent, Mediterranean, Europe, Russia, United Kingdom.

When to see them.
All year round.